The Toyota 86 is an impressively good sports car, especially when you consider its affordable price. However, the coupe has had some embarrassing quality issues in recent years, including engine oil pressure problems during track use. If you own an older 86 and have concerns regarding the condition of your engine, we are happy to report Toyota launches a new program that will overhaul certain components of the Subaru-sourced motor, as well as other parts.

The 86 Refresh Service is a new campaign for the Japanese market that offers owners of first-generation Toyota 86 models to get an engine overhaul with factory quality. The procedure will be performed at some GR Garage stores in Tokyo, Osaka, Aichi, and Shizuoka with more cities and dealerships to be added in the near future. The program is available for vehicles produced between 2012 and 2016, regardless of whether the car was bought brand new or used by its current owner.

Gallery: Toyota 86 Refresh Service

The program includes five main courses. In the first part, the inside of the engine gets refreshed with carbon cleaning that is supposed to remove soot that clogs the motor. This operation also includes new ignition sparks and Toyota promises a better response from the gas pedal as a result. The second course includes a new rubber engine and transmission mounts for reduced vibrations in motion and better gear shifts.

Course number three is focused on suspension. All rubber bushings are replaced with new ones for what Toyota says is an improved cornering ability and responsiveness. In the fourth category, the automaker also offers a replacement of the shock absorbers with new ones for a more comfortable ride and fewer vibrations. Last but not least, customers can also get a brake system overhaul with new brake caliper components.

Each course can be purchased individually and Toyota says it has carefully selected the replacement parts involved in the process. The engine cleaning, for example, costs $870 (121,000 yen), while the brake refresh course is around $900 (125,400 yen). The most expensive operation is the replacement of the shock absorbers, which costs $1,180 (163,900 yen).

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