If there's one brand in dire need of fresh products, it's Mitsubishi. Thankfully, new vehicles are on the way. No, we're not talking about more rebadged Renaults like the Clio/Colt and Captur/ASX pairs as this compact crossover is an all-Mitsu effort. It was first teased in late May and now it's back in another preview to build up hype until August 10. The official premiere is slated to take place at the 2023 Indonesia International Auto Show.

Expect to see a toned-down version of the 2022 XFC Concept tailored to countries from the ASEAN region, which Mitsubishi says it represents a core market for the brand. The yet-to-be-named model wants to be more than just another crossover in an already crowded segment by giving it some off-road chops. We're being told it'll have a fairly generous ground clearance of 222 millimeters (8.7 inches), which is slightly more than the run-of-the-mill Ford Bronco (8.3 inches). However, the Blue Oval's SUV in Raptor guise offers as much as 333 mm (13.1 inches).

2024 Mitsubishi compact crossover teasers

Aside from sitting relatively tall, the new Mitsubishi crossover will have a Mud driving mode for adventurous owners eager to go off the beaten path. The vehicle is also getting Wet and Gravel modes, along with a Normal setup. Another feature worth pointing out is the Active Yaw Control to distribute torque between the front wheels depending on driving conditions. AYC has been around since the days of the Lancer Evolution where it served as a rear differential. In the new crossover, AYC also makes changes to the traction control and steering to improve how the car behaves on various types of roads.

Once again, Mitsubishi is happy to point out the crossover is getting a dedicated Yamaha sound system. Aside from automatically adjusting the volume depending on the vehicle's speed, the Dynamic Sound Yamaha Premium also changes the settings for the bass and clear mid and high tones when the crossover is tackling rougher roads.

We took the liberty of grabbing a screenshot from the teaser video where the right-hand-drive interior was briefly shown, revealing a wide dual-screen setup akin to the XFC Concept's cabin. The showcar still had separate controls mounted on the center consolse for some of the functions, so chances are Mitsubishi hasn't integrated everything into the touchscreen.

Although it's primarily targeted at countries from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the new crossover could be sold elsewhere. Mitsubishi says it'll all depend on the model's popularity in the ASEAN region.

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