You can build a camper out of just about anything. From school buses and commercial vans to station wagons and even ordinary cars, all it takes is a little imagination and creative problem-solving. Here to prove that point once again is this vintage air-cooled 1974 Porsche 911 Targa recently listed on Craigslist.   

Advertised as a 1974 Porsche 911 Targa limousine, it originally included a bed and a small vanity with a sink and cabinet space. It may look a little rough, but according to the seller, it is in good condition with no rust and has a Porsche 959 body kit. The car and bodywork were professionally modified by a custom coach builder on the east coast using two 1974 911 Targas. 

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In addition to the unique custom bodywork and camper accommodations, this car has a historic racing pedigree. Built for the late Rocky Aoki, an amateur wrestler, and restauranteur who founded the Benihana Japanese restaurant chain, it competed in the 1991 Car and Driver One Lap of America. He had the Porsche set up with a bed and other amenities to make the week-long event easier. 

A man of many pursuits, Aoki built several racing limos for events like the One Lap and Gumball Rally. He also participated in offshore powerboat racing and high-altitude endurance ballooning. In 1981 he crewed the Double Eagle V, the first helium balloon to successfully cross the Pacific Ocean, traveling 5,768 miles from Japan to central California in 84 hours and 31 minutes.       

According to the seller, Aoki owned the Porsche up until shortly before he died in 2008 but it has not been registered in over 20 years. At some point, the original engine was stolen. It also needs carpet and upholstery, but still has the original Recaro seats and wheels.  

While the idea of a Porsche 911 Targa camper may seem strange, it arguably makes more sense than a Citroen 2CV camper or living out of a Chevy Camaro. Maybe it doesn't have the space of a school bus or even a cargo van, but if you're looking for a camper that could be track ready with a little work, this may be just the ticket.  

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