The new Forza Motorsport game arrives on October 10. It will have 20 tracks and 500 cars at launch, and the developers are ready to provide a peek at the game modes leading up to its launch. A new video from the studio dives into the Builders Cup Career Mode, giving us our first look at the nuts and bolts of the single-player gameplay.

The foundation for the mode is Open Practice. It starts players in a stock vehicle so they can learn its driving characteristics and master handling it around one of the many track. The game logs lap time, Car Mastery, and XP, blending RPG progression elements into the vehicle called CarPG that emphasizes competition, car progression, and car building.

Gallery: Forza Motorsport Builder Cup Career Mode

Players can earn XP by driving on the track, which will unlock new vehicle upgrades. Track Mastery, based on the 10/10ths metric for performance driving, judges a player's lap and gives an on-screen score for nailing apexes. The harder the players push, the more bonus XP the game will reward, and the higher the car levels up, which unlocks more potent components.

The game's dynamic time-of-day and weather effects add to the challenge of mastering a car and a track. These can change how a car reacts, with temperature fluctuations reflected in how the handling, just like rain can alter track conditions. The game also simulates tire rubber left on the pavement, which can increase grip, making no two laps feel the same.

Gamers will upgrade their cars with Car Points, a resource separate from the in-game credits. Car Points are only awarded through in-game progression by driving cars and leveling them up and are used to install upgrades. However, players can regain them if they choose to uninstall a part.

The Builders Cup Career Mode won't be static once the game launches. It will be ever-evolving, gaining new cars, tracks, championships, and events. We expect to learn more about the latest installment, the eighth in the franchise, over the next few months, with the studio diving into driver AI, the cars and tracks, the freeplay mode, multiplayer, and more.

The game goes on sale on PCs and the Xbox Series S/X on October 10. It'll also launch with new assistive features for visually impaired gamers as Microsoft, game studios, and others increase accessibility.

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