The 2024 Lexus GX is notable for a few big reasons. Yes, it’s a redesign of a 14-year-old product, and yeah, it looks pretty damn cool. If you asked ChatGPT to render a 70-Series Toyota Land Cruiser with a modern Lexus face, the 2024 GX would probably be the result. But beyond looking cool and reviving a nearly dormant model line, the new GX comes not with an F-Sport badge, but repping the new Overtrail trim.

To put it simply, Overtrail is to Lexus as Trailsport is to Honda or, for that matter, what F-Sport is to road-focused Lexus products. It’s a light collection of mechanical upgrades that includes some aesthetic touches – the result is improved performance with little to no sacrifice to everyday civility. And if the Trailsports and Rock Creeks and Trailhawks of the world are any indication, the consumers should love it. So that leads to the obvious question: when will we see another Lexus Overtrail, and will it come to the brawny LX?

Gallery: 2024 Lexus GX

Speaking to at a media roundtable ahead of the new GX's debut in Austin, Texas, GX Chief Engineer Koji Tsukaski said his company will be watching the consumer reception to the new trim, which adds 33-inch tires, a locking rear differential, and additional underbody protection to the new GX.

“Of course, we'll be monitoring customer feedback. It's a natural direction, but what vehicle, when, you know, we can't say,” Tuskaski-san said, adding that Overtrail will not make their way to Toyota products.

The obvious choice would be Lexus’ other highly capable SUV, the LX. It shares its GA-F ladder frame with the new GX and there’s already a version of the LX sold in Japan with three locking differentials. It’s called, rather simply, the Offroad, but slathering the roof in black paint and adding knobbly tires would get it most of the way toward being an Overtrail. When asked about it, though, Tsukaski demurred.

“Because the Overtrail project is launching right now with the GX, we're going to see the customer reception and the response on that,” the engineer confirmed. “But of course, it's on the table, we’re looking at it.”

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