If we have to name just one thing that makes Rolls-Royce cars stand out from the rest, this has to be their individuality. No two Rolls-Royces are alike and this is especially true in the modern era of the automaker where its bespoke division plays a very important role. The brand’s flagship customization service is called Private Office – a business concept that brings together customers, designers, and engineers under one roof. Just seven months ago, the first Private Office outside the United Kingdom was established and it now presents its first commission.

The lovely two-tone Ghost Extended you see depicted in the gallery below comes from Private Office Dubai and is inspired by the mystery of the Arabian sands. While you may not recognize it as a two-tone paint job at a glance, the exterior is finished in Sunrise Sparkle with White Sands Bespoke hues, visually reinterpreting the magic of the Middle Eastern sunrise. Other noticeable touches come in the form of a hand-painted Coachline in Moccasin and an illuminated Pantheon Grille.

Gallery: Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended Private Office Dubai

An even brighter and more elegant atmosphere can be seen inside the cabin. A large portion of the interior’s surfaces is covered in fine Grace White leather, while nice accents come from the slightly contrasting Moccasin decorations. Rolls-Royce’s trademarked Starlight Headliner displaying the model’s name rounds out the bespoke visual touches.

“Ghost presents a world of boundless potential, and this Bespoke Ghost Extended is another example of what we are capable of creating. Ghost, like every Rolls-Royce, presents a perfect blank canvas where we can inspire greatness with ambitious creativity and endless elegant possibilities,” Chris Hardy, Bespoke Client Experience Manager at Private Office Dubai, comments.

No bespoke touches are found under the hood, though. Power comes from Rolls-Royce’s familiar 6.75-liter twin-turbo engine good for 571 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque in this application. However, an additional 220 pounds of acoustic damping materials have been installed throughout the chassis, bodywork, and cabin in order to deliver the smoothest possible ride experience. Further adding to that extraordinary comfort is the automaker’s Planar Suspension System featuring continuously variable and electronically controlled shock absorbers, as well as self-leveling air struts.

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