We'll be the first to say this isn't a pretty car. However, that's on purpose since Ferrari isn't ready to reveal how its next hypercar is going to look. Codenamed "F250," the flagship Prancing Horse is still a test mule, which means it's a mishmash of old and new body parts combined with provisional bits installed to conceal the real design. The house of Maranello did the same with the LaFerrari as those test mules weren't exactly nice either.

While that big wing at the back is very much real, the two round exhaust tips are not since the actual exhaust is positioned slightly above, lurking from behind the mesh. The quad square taillights appear to be borrowed from the SF90 Stradale and we're expecting a new setup for the production model.

2025 Ferrari hypercar test mule spy photos

Multi-layered side air intakes suggest there's a big engine behind the seats, but word on the street says the V12 will make way for a downsized hybrid powertrain. Whether it will be a V8 or a V6 is not known for now, but either way, expect over 1,000 horsepower thanks to at least one electric motor. The 499P Le Mans Hypercar has an engine adapted from the 296 GTB/GT3, so don't be too surprised if the LaFerrari successor will only have six cylinders.

Once again, the doors will be extending onto the roof as they do on the LaFerrari and the Enzo before it. Look closer and you'll see a high-voltage sticker on the bottom corner of the windshield on the passenger side, revealing the electrified nature of the new hypercar. The headlights don't seem to be related to any current product models but we're not entirely sure they’re final. Giant front air intakes are easy to notice, as is the wide vent in the hood.

The world premiere is rumored to take place sometime next year, with the coupe to be followed later this decade by a Spider and a hardcore XX. The total production run is believed to amount to 828 cars, split into 599 coupes, 199 convertibles, and 30 XXs.

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