Owning a Bugatti comes with some fantastic perks. While performing straight-line aerodynamic testing with the Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds at Space Florida’s Launch and Landing Facility, a few customers got to push their cars to the limit.

The 3.0-mile piece of asphalt was originally for landing the Space Shuttle. Now, cars do high-speed runs there. The Bugatti owners were able to push their high-speed machines beyond 249 miles per hour. To put that speed into perspective, the vehicles covered more than a football field every second.

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Each driver at the event received a tailored Bugatti race suit with the person's name on it. The company inscribed each helmet with each driver's top speed on the course.

One Chiron at the event managed to hit 250 mph (403 kph).

"The Chiron Super Sport felt as capable at 400 km/h as it did at 200 km/h. It’s an experience I’ll never forget and that only reinforces my passion for the incredible Bugatti brand," said Evan Cygler, Brand Manager of Bugatti Greenwich.

In 2022, Bugatti delivered 80 vehicles, which was the most ever for the brand. The company is finishing up the last batch of Chirons before completing the 500 production run. The brand is also developing a pre-owned program to help its vehicles change hands between customers.

While it completes the current models, Bugatti has an eye toward the future. Boss Mate Rimac says the vehicle has a combustion engine but with electric assistance. The company says that nothing comes from the Chiron, and everything is from scratch. We don't yet have details about when the brand intends to give the new model a public premiere.

"The Bugatti thing is more turn up to the opera and then drive 400 km/h (249 mph) on the Autobahn. It will be more beautiful, analog instruments, kind of watch-making stuff," Rimac said at the time.

To know more about Bugatti's future, check out this video:

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