Almost as soon as the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 started hitting dealers, the speculate-and-flip crowd was already all over the high-performance sports car. But since GM wants its flagship Corvette to end up in the hands of owners who’ll appreciate it, the company came up with a clever solution.

As we reported last July, GM promised new Z06 owners 500,000 My Chevrolet Rewards points if they registered with the program within 30 days of purchase and kept their vehicles for at least 12 months (later reduced to 6 months). The points, which have a value of $5,000, could be used to purchase genuine parts and accessories, pay for maintenance, or even go toward paying down a loan made through GM Financial.

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According to Z06 owner Austin Everett, also known as Speed Phenom on YouTube, the problem was that the rules of the program weren’t made clear to folks who bought Corvettes. A few weeks ago, Everett published a video stating that his claim for the points had been denied since he hadn’t specifically registered for the Z06-specific rewards program within 30 days of purchase.

Within a few days of Everett publishing that video, he and other Z06 owners received an email clarifying the rules of the loyalty program. Trevor Thompkins, Chevrolet communication lead on passenger cars and performance vehicles, sent the email that said that anyone who bought or leased a 2023 Corvette Z06 could register with My Chevrolet Rewards until December 1, 2023 to receive the retention bonus. The automaker will dispense those 500,000 rewards points to those who keep their sports cars for at least six months (or those who’ve already hit that benchmark when they register).

Everett celebrated the program revisions in his most recent video, crediting GM for doing right by its owners and making the loyalty reward more readily available. He mentioned that those 500,000 points would easily pay for a second set of wheels that cost $1,000 each, or they could be used toward genuine Chevy accessories like a carbon fiber engine brace for the supercar. As for himself, Everett says he’ll be using them on brake pads, a frequent wear item for long weekends at the track.

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