Flaunting your wealth is considered tacky, but if there's one place on Earth where you can do it without raising any eyebrows, it's in Monaco. One of the 1,311 F40s built by Ferrari is currently hosted on an opulent yacht (aren't they all?) for this weekend's Formula 1 Grand Prix. The iconic supercar built during the late 1980s and early 1990s is a common occurrence in the sovereign city-state on the French Riviera but on the roads rather than on a boat's deck.

If all of this seems a bit familiar, that's because it was only a couple of weeks ago when multi-millionaire Adrian Portelli's made his McLaren Senna a permanent addition to his penthouse in Melbourne, Australia. He lifted the track-focused supercar no fewer than 57 stories off the ground in the Sapphire by the Gardens tower. As for this F40, it has a different future as putting it on a yacht is all part of a publicity stunt.


Altr is a luxury online boutique that lets you buy fancy items using cryptocurrency. According to a description published on the company's website, Altr represents a "gateway to the world of luxury collectibles, offering collectors an easy way to purchase rare and fine collectibles either in full or as a fraction using USDt Stablecoin. Additionally, Altr allows collectors to digitize their existing collections and use them as collateral to borrow liquidity without selling them. A digital proof of ownership, in the form of an NFT, is issued and can be held, traded, collateralized, or redeemed for the physical item at any time."

It's joining forces with Italian dealer Car & Car to sell high-end vehicles on the platform, and chances are this F40 will lead the way as there's a dedicated "Cars" section on Altr's website listed as "Coming Soon."


Putting such a rare and valuable car on a yacht is sure to make a splash even in Monaco where ultra-expensive vehicles are everywhere. With the F1 race this weekend, they couldn't have picked a better time to put the F40 on the Quinta Essentia, a lavish 180-foot-long yacht that costs somewhere in the region of $40 million.

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