We have no shortage of articles covering converted buses. Their layout and availability make them affordable canvases for people looking to live on the road. Many of them are school buses, which are plenty big, but one couple thought bigger and decided to convert a Greyhound bus into their new home instead.

The motorhome is massive. Its tall height provides ample room inside and ample storage space underneath. The Greyhound’s size is noticeable because of how wide it is inside. The front features a sizable couch across from a small dinette set. The kitchen is large, with a long counter on one side and the sink and stove on the other.

The couple does a lot of their cooking outside, rarely using the four-burner propane cooktop. It sits next to the sink. On the other side is a washer-dryer combination and a small fridge. There’s a secondary fridge for overflow food in the storage cubbies underneath.

The bathroom is next to the kitchen on the bus, which features a large shower. It has a small toilet and a vanity, with big windows frosted for privacy. Behind the bathroom is the bedroom with its big IKEA bed and two small side tables occupying most of the space. It has storage underneath. Their closet is at the back, in what once was the space for the coach’s bathroom.

It’s a standard layout with a clean, minimalistic style, but the Greyhound’s extra width makes it feel much larger than your standard bus conversion. It allows the couple to have deep drawers in their kitchen, and the added height creates storage underneath. However, the size of the vehicle limits where it can go, meaning the owners have to be thoughtful about their travels.

The layout of a bus provides a lot of room for creativity in designing buses, but most people are looking to maximize the usefulness of the space. Fold-up beds, deep drawers, and amble cubbies are necessary for those looking to live differently. Those large windows and gorgeous views look like a nice escape.

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