Apocalypse Manufacturing has taken its Juggernaut 6x6 and lobbed off two wheels to create the Super Truck. It's a 4x4 off-road pickup with a wild new body styled after the manufacture's other model and a potent engine upgrade under the hood.

The pickup, based on the Ram 1500, features a supercharged 6.2-liter Hellcat V8 engine. It makes 850 horsepower in the modified truck, with full-time four-wheel drive. Five drive modes – Sport, Drag Race, Baja, Rock, and Mud – adjust various vehicle settings, including the suspension and shocks. Owners can even create and save custom off-road modes, too.

Gallery: Apocalypse Manufacturing Super Truck 4x4

The thing is a beast and sits on 40-inch tires that wrap around 22-inch SFJ rims. The modified pickup truck measures 83 inches tall, 98 inches wide, and 240 inches long. It has locking differentials, a Dana 60 axle, an independent front suspension, and a 15,000-pound towing capacity.

"With the Super Truck, we wanted to combine medieval, barbaric design, that is impossible to ignore, with the ferocity of the Hemi Hellcat engine," said Joseph Ghattas, owner, engineer, and head designer of Apocalypse Manufacturing.

Its rugged body, which on this example is finished in the armored epoxy coating, features a bold Grumper (grill and bumper combo), while the rear stands out with bold Apocalypse branding and a slated steel bumper. The open wheel wells look extreme, but they allow the truck to launch off a ramp 10 feet into the air without issue, which Apocalypse tested more than 50 times.

Inside, plush leather adorns the heated and cooled seats, the dashboard, and the armrests. There is a 12-inch integrated head unit, a Harmon Kardon surround-sound system, parking sensors, a bird's-eye camera, power seats, power steps, and a panoramic sunroof. Apocalypse protects the truck bed with a waterproof and retractable roll-and-lock slanted cover.

Pickup trucks are as popular as ever, and the Apocalypse Super Truck is one way to stand out from the crowd. No one would mistake the 4x4 Super Truck as anything but capable and mean. The exterior styling and potent powertrain are enough to make heads turn.

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