Many of you probably have never heard about Hurtan. This is a small Spanish coachbuilder based in the city of Granada and focused on modifying existing vehicles into retro-looking models. In 2021, the firm unveiled the Grand Albaycin as a vintage-styled roadster based on the Mazda MX-5. Now, that model receives a new special edition inspired by Arab heritage in Al-Andalus.

The two-door, two-seat machine retains its basic design characteristics but gains small visual touches that differentiate it from the regular model. The body is finished in a light blue color, which is said to be inspired by the color of the sky in the United Arab Emirates. Taracea ribbons on the doors, a nameplate with the model’s name in Arabic calligraphy, and UAE’s flag turn this roadster into a special edition product, which Hurtan limits to just 30 units.

Gallery: Hurtan Grand Albaycin UAE Edition

There’s no word about mechanical upgrades, though. This likely means the Grand Albaycin continues with the two Mazda-sourced powertrains, the original 1.5- or 2.0-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engines with 132 and 184 horsepower, respectively. There’s a standard six-speed manual gearbox and an optional automatic transmission, with which the car can hit a top speed of 136 miles per hour (219 kilometers per hour).

In addition to the United Arab Emirates, Hurtan also sells the Grand Albaycin in a few other markets around the world. These include the company’s home market, as well as Germany, France, Norway, and Italy. There’s no word about the pricing of the new limited edition model but previously, Hurtan asked about $64,740 (59,000 euros) for the soft-top version equipped with the base 1.5-liter engine. The more powerful 2.0 model started at around $90,300 (82,300 euros).

As mentioned above, the Hurtan Grand Albaycin is based on the MX-5 and the Spanish company has Mazda’s blessing, which means the roadster has European homologation and can be sold legally in the European Union and the UAE.

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