Sometimes, our spy photographers catch prototypes in perfect light with clear surroundings to offer a crisp view of a future model. Other times, we have to work with just a few shots from sketchy angles. Unfortunately, this is one of those times.

Our sources believe the heavily wrapped hatchback seen here is a next-generation Nissan Juke, but it's possible there's something else under all those covers. Looking at the profile, the roof line and side windows are a pretty close match to the current model. On the rear hatch, we see some chunky bodywork underneath which also points in the direction of Juke. Bold trim around the fenders is also a Juke feature, and there's a flare to the rear body panels that is very Juke-like.

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However, if this is a Juke, Nissan is planning some significant changes. Among other things, we clearly see traditional door handles for the back doors versus the levers nestled up high next to the C-pillar. The flare that we mentioned earlier doesn't look quite as aggressive as the current model, and the entire car looks just a bit larger overall. Of course, size could be exaggerated with false panels underneath, puffing up portions of the bodywork. That's obviously the case with the roof and the hood.

That also means the flare we see on the rear fenders and the sharp ledge on the hatch could be fake as well. If that's the case, based on what we see with the rear door handles this might be something else. Some might be tempted to identify this as some kind of Alfa Romeo Tonale, given the Alfa parked next to it. The shape of the windows is a good fit for the Tonale, and it does have standard door handles. However, the taillights on this covered car are different, the roof spoiler is bigger, and the rear window wiper faces the opposite direction.

The Juke was discontinued in North America after the first generation, but the second-gen model from 2019 has enjoyed a successful life in other markets. If this is a Juke, it's our first sighting and we may not see it revealed until well into next year as a 2025 model.

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