The Nissan Rogue doesn't garner as much attention as some SUVs, but it's among the top-selling models in the United States. The current generation debuted for the 2021 model year so it's not old by any means. But it does fall into the realm of a mid-cycle refresh. That's exactly what our spy photographers captured in these images, seen here for the first time.

There's no mistaking this SUV for anything other than a Rogue. The distinctive D-pillar is in clear view, and oddly enough, so are the taillights. Oftentimes we see lights updated in a refresh, but either this Rogue prototype is using current lenses as placeholders or new lights aren't happening. Instead, all the camouflage is below the taillights, suggesting an updated rear fascia is coming. We aren't expecting much in the way of change though, as we can see the thin horizontal reflectors through the wrap matching up to the current model. That means minor changes to trim and that's likely it.

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Meanwhile at the front, we also see lights in full view. The Rogue's split-light setup is about the only thing not covered on its face. The lenses look identical to the current model, leaving us to ponder about changes to the grille and fascia beneath the thin wrap. It's easy to see the outline of Nissan's familiar V-motion grille, though it could be a bit narrower and deeper in design, dipping down further into the lower fascia. The camouflage wrap does a great job of hiding body lines, so we can't see how that bottom opening fits with the corners of the bumper. We can't see the thin vertical vents at the sides of the fascia, either.

Beyond that, everything else looks standard-issue Rogue. Our spy sources believe the current turbocharged 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine will continue serving under the hood, and though we don't get a clear look inside the cabin, we don't see any coverings on the top portion of the dash. That suggests the interior layout will carry over as well, though there's always the possibility of small trim changes, a larger touchscreen, and more technology.

Nissan does a good job of keeping its test vehicles out of sight, so when one appears, it usually means a debut isn't far away. We expect the refreshed Rogue to go live later this year as a 2024 model.

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