Ford is going racing next year with the Mustang. Earlier this week, we got our first full look at the new GT3. While Ford designed it for the race track, a suggestive tweet from company CEO Jim Farley teases the idea that the Blue Oval might one day build a road-going version.

On Tuesday night, Farley retweeted a video of the Mustang GT3 testing at Sebring, posting the caption, “Should we make a road version?” The only obvious correct answer to that is yes. reached out to Ford to see if it actually has plans to develop a road-legal GT3, and the company said it didn’t have anything to add beyond Farley’s lone tweet. 


The Mustang GT3 is one of six racing variants of the Mustang that Ford announced last September. We don’t know all the details yet, as we’re still waiting for the full, official reveal. Ford parented with longtime collaborator Multimatic to develop the vehicle, so we’re unsure what’s happening underneath the GT3’s aggressive skin. We expect Ford to install a tuned version of its 5.0-liter V8 that makes more power than the road-going Mustang.

The GT3 Ford that revealed this week features very aggressive bodywork. It has massive heat extractors carved into the hood, and the wide front fenders are filled with vents. At the front is a wide lower bumper opening to feed air to all the mechanic components, with a large rear diffuser channeling it out the back, which is missing exhaust pipes. The GT3 features side-exit exhaust tips.

Gallery: Ford Mustang GT3 Testing At Sebring

The car features a massive rear wing and the model’s iconic tri-bar taillights. Ford didn’t provide any photos of the racer’s interior, but we can see from the outside that it features a roll cage and a stripped-out cabin. We weren’t expecting it to have heated seats and a premium sound system, but a road-going version might.

The Ford Mustang is about to enter its seventh generation with the introduction of the 2024 model. A road-going GT3 variant would undoubtedly expand the lineup into new territories. We don’t know what kind of variants Ford will offer for the Mustang, with the company previously building the Shelby GT500, the Boss 302, the Mach 1, and the Bullitt.

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