Toyota and Undercover have joined forces to create the Aygo X Undercover – a limited-edition version of the automaker's smallest car in Europe. The Aygo X Undercover was unveiled at the Undercover Fall 2023 catwalk show at Paris Fashion Week and features unique exterior and interior design elements, made in collaboration with the renowned Japanese fashion label headed by Jun Takahashi.

The Aygo X Undercover is inspired by Takahashi's design philosophies of non-conformity and breaking stereotypes, applied to the third-generation version of the pint-sized crossover that was revealed in 2021.

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That said, the Aygo X received an exclusive bi-tone gray body color developed by Toyota, with coral red accents for the black 18-inch alloys and interior, branded seats, monogram pattern floor mats, and roof stickers that spell out Takahashi's "CHAOS/BALANCE" motto. The design of the car reflects Takahashi's overlapping contrasts between punk and couture, digital and analog.

The Aygo X Undercover launch campaign is set in a semi-fictional world where virtual and physical are blurred, inspired by the look and attitude of Paris and Tokyo. Jun Takahashi said that this is his first experience working on a car, and he appreciates the deep emotional meaning and significance of collaborating with Toyota.

The Aygo X has been Toyota's smallest and most affordable car in Europe since 2005. The first two generations were developed with Peugeot and Citroen; the third version was purely developed by Toyota and was revealed with a transition from being a hatchback to a crossover.

"We knew that Undercover could further expand the strong character of the Aygo X and we were excited to explore how Jun’s fashion language could be translated into the car development process," said Tadao Mori, Head of Styling Design for Toyota Europe.

The Toyota Aygo X Undercover is limited to just 5,000 units. The price isn't disclosed but it should be higher than the standard Aygo X, which starts at around 16,000 euros (around $17,000 at the current exchage rates).

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