I remember so vividly, not too long ago, two of my buddies almost broke out in a fight discussing and debating as to which one of them has it bigger. One owned a Mazda MX-5 Miata, while the other drove a Toyota 86. They argued that each of their Japanese coupes was more massive than the other, and decided to take the debate out in the parking lot... to no avail.

Now, that size comparison debacle could have been prevented if we'd known this website existed then. Carsized (hat tip to The Drive) conveniently uses an easy-to-use visualizer and aims to compare cars sold around the world by size.

And yes, to my buddies, the 86 (the one that came before the current Toyota GR86) is bigger than the MX-5 in almost all aspects, so that settles that.

Carsized Vehicle Size Comparison

What's great is that Carsized lets you compare different cars from various brands and see their differences side-by-side, at the front, and from the rear. You can even compare cars from different eras and see how much vehicles have grown over the years. The website may need to update its database to reflect some of the latest models but overall, it's a great way to visualize and compare various vehicles by size.

Fair warning, though, this website can take up much of your time if you're a car nerd, so make sure to visit it in your own time (or at least hide it from your boss).

Now if you're wondering why there's a Lexus LS being compared to a Ford Ranger Raptor above, that's another experience I had that relates to size. See, I had a Lexus LS cleaned before through a local car wash, which priced their services by vehicle body type (regardless of the size). As the LS was "just" a sedan (the least rate), I was only billed for the three-box model despite the Lexus being almost as long as a T6-platform Ford truck.

Next time you and your buddies end up debating as to which one has it bigger, you know how to settle the score without hurting each other, physically and emotionally.

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