The Dodge Viper may be gone, but as long as videos like the one above keep cropping up, it will never be forgotten. This is merely a two-minute montage of Viper action, but if you like the sound of a screaming twin-turbocharged V10 making an absurd amount of horsepower, you've come to the right place.

The clip comes to us from Goobers Garage on YouTube, where you'll find another video of this 2014 Viper when it only had around 2,000 hp. We don't have a full rundown of all the go-fast parts installed here, but it's built by Calvo Motorsports – a company known for creating some insanely fast Vipers. While build details are neat, total power output is the need-to-know info here, and that comes very early in the action. Bolted to a hub dyno, this green machine maxes out at – wait for it – 3,317 hp and 2,307 pound-feet of torque. And that's measured at the wheels, so power at the crankshaft is even higher.


That explains why the hulked-out Viper strains against its moorings during multiple dyno pulls. As the turbos spool, full power goes into the hub dyno and the front end immediately lifts up against the wheel straps. Moreover, it stays there for the full run, finally relaxing when the throttle is released. And as an extra bonus, we're treated to flames popping from the exhaust on the wind-down.

Stick around to the end of the video and you'll be treated to some idling clips, followed by a blast down a drag strip where we don't think traction was ever fully achieved. Folks, this Viper is no joke.

Dodge Viper production ended in 2017 with the fifth generation. When the muscular American supercar bowed out, its massive 8.4-liter V10 engine produced 645 horsepower at a lazy 6,150 rpm. The engine was originally designed by Lamborghini in the late 1980s, and though it evolved through the years, it retained its pushrod two-valve operation until the very end. And as we've seen before, it lives on as an engine capable of epic power in the hands of aftermarket tuners.

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