Bentley has had another smashing sales year, moving 15,174 models in 2022. That’s an increase of four percent over 2021.

The brand’s best-selling model continued to be the Bentayga SUV, which has been on sale for six years. The model accounted for 42 percent of the company’s global sales, up from 40 percent in 2021.

The Continental GT and GT Convertible were the brand’s second best-selling models of 2022, accounting for 30 percent of sales. The performance-oriented GT Speed variants made up 31 percent of the model’s mix. 

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The Flying Spur accounted for the rest of the automaker’s 2022 sales figures. Bentley points to the model’s new hybrid variant for its strong year, which accounted for 30 percent of the mix. However, in the UK, the Flying Spur Hybrid made up 65 percent of sales, the highest figure globally.

The Americas were once again Bentley’s most vital region. Sales were up less than one percent, accounting for 28 percent of its sales, with 4,221 cars sold. Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau were second, with 4,033 cars accounting for 25 percent of the brand’s sales. Europe was the brand’s third best-selling region with 19 percent of sales, followed by the Asia Pacific at 1,651 (13 percent) and the UK at 1,328 (10 percent). The Middle East, Africa, and Indian markets accounted for just 6 percent at 968.

“In what was another year of unpredictability, the business overcame significant headwinds and demonstrated great resilience to deliver the third consecutive record sales year,” said Bentley Chairman and CEO Adrian Hallmark. “This underlines our brand strength, operational excellence, and strong global demand by market and model.”

Every market saw its sales increase, with the Asian Pacific region rising by 23 percent compared to 2021. China, Europe, the UK, and the Middle East increased by 9, 11, 12, and 6 percent, respectively, in 2022. The company has 241 retailers in 65 countries.

Bentley’s hybrids and its Mulliner brand have helped it achieve another strong sales year. Since 2020, the automaker has seen demand double for Mulliner’s exterior paint while personal commissions have tripled. The automaker is working toward its Beyond100 plan to achieve full electrification by 2030.

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