Things were good for rich folks in 2021, and as a great example of this, Bentley posted a sales record for the year. In total, the luxury brand moved 14,659 vehicles. This was a 31 percent increase over 2020, which held the previous volume record.

The Bentayga was Bentley's strongest-selling product with a 40 percent share of the total sales. This was a new sales record for the luxury crossover. Of the deliveries, around 20 percent were the Hybrid variant.

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The Continental GT had 33 percent of the brand's total sales. The split between variants was 60 percent for the coupe and 40 percent for the convertible.

The Flying Spur sedan was 27 percent of total sales for the year. Bentley expects this figure to improve in 2022 because of the availability of a hybrid powertrain.

In terms of the regional markets around the world, the Americas received the highest volume of Bentleys in 2021. The automaker moved 4,212 vehicles in that area. This was up 39 percent over 2020 and set a new record.

China was the second-largest market in terms of volume with 4,033 deliveries in 2021. This was up 40 percent over 2020.

Market 2021 Sales 2020 Sales  Change Percentage Of Total Sales In 2021
Americas 4,212 3,035 +39 Percent 29 Percent
China 4,033 2,880 +40 Percent 28 Percent
Europe 2,520 2,193 +15 Percent 17 Percent
Asia Pacific 1,651 1,203 +37 Percent 11 Percent
United Kingdom 1,328 1,160 +14 Percent 9 Percent
Middle East  915 735 +24 Percent 6 Percent
Total 14,659 11,206 +31 Percent 100 Percent

Spy shots suggest that Bentley is working on a long-wheelbase variant of the Bentayga, and it could arrive in 2022. The model would give buyers who spend most of their time in the back seat more room to spread out.

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