Support for over-the-air updates means that modern vehicles can gain new features throughout their time on the road. As a perfect example of adding new elements, the Ford Mustang Mach-E just received new code that included lots of improvements, like using the volume knob to adjust the cabin temperature.

The Mach-E has a 15.5-inch, portrait-oriented touchscreen with a physical knob in the middle along the display's lower edge. According to the software update notes (embedded below), users just need to tap the cabin temperature, fan speed, or heated seat controls on the panel and then turn the dial to the preferred setting.


The update alleviated a problem that editor Jeff Perez brought up in his Mach-E review from 2021:

"I also had a gripe with the climate control setup. Like some other manufacturers (looking at you, Volvo and Subaru), the A/C settings are baked directly into the screen, and no matter how familiar you get with the Mach-E's massive display, it's almost impossible to change the fan speed or temperature without taking your eyes off the road because there are so low on the already long screen. Tactile buttons are still superior in this respect."

There are also smaller tweaks to the infotainment screen's appearance. Ford adjusts the Home screen to improve navigating through it. The status bar has new icons. Changes to the settings and controls provide easier access to drive modes and software update details. Owners can pre-select days and times for scheduling software updates, too.

In addition, drivers can now create personal profiles, and they're accessible to switch between from the status bar.

Ford also has new games to play on the screen. Bridge Battle challenges players to build a bridge from one side to the other before their opponent. It's possible to challenge the computer or go up against another human in the car.

Parking Lot is a puzzle game that has players make a path to get out a character out of a busy lot. 

The Mach-E just completed a strong sales year. In 2022, Ford moved 39,458 of them, which was 45.4 percent more than the 27,140 units in 2021. Last year, the company celebrated building 150,000 units of the electric crossover.

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