The Halloween season is here, and that means it's time to dress up as a ghost or ghoul for trick-or-treat. But, what about dressing your car as something a little creepy? Ryan McManus, a designer at Ford's D-Ford team, has a costume for Mustang Mach-E owners that turns the frunk into a monster mouth with candy inside. McManus even published the plans online for other people to dress up their Mach-Es like this.

McManus tells that he already frequently uses the frunk for tailgating at baseball games and at cars and coffee events. The inspiration for the monster mouth costume for the Mach-E came when his wife said the school where she teaches was having a trunk-or-treat.


"I knew right away I wanted to do a giant monster mouth that the kids would have to reach into to get the candy. I bought some off the shelf novelty teeth but they were too tiny. So, instead, I took some measurements, drew up some templates and cut my own teeth. By making them individually positionable and removable I could get a real mouth effect while still being able to close the hood and drive," he told us.

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The Mach-E monster was a big hit. The kids thought it was cool. Plus, parents had plenty of questions not just about the costume but also about the vehicle. "Which, working for Ford on EVs, I was only too glad to answer," McManus said. During the trunk-or-treat, the Mach-E played music like the classic Monster Mash and the Stranger Things soundtrack. 

Like any home-built project, the immediate question is how to do it better in the future. McManus has ideas like making "the frunk emit smoke for a creepier effect." All he would really need is some dry ice to complete the effect. A hidden fog machine might also work.

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