The automotive industry has been undergoing major changes in the last several years but America’s favorite vehicle has remained unchanged. For the 41st consecutive year, the Ford F-Series was the best-selling new vehicle in the United States in 2022 with a total of more than 640,000 units delivered to customers last year.

The F-Series lineup currently includes a large number of different powertrains, cabin configurations, and trim levels. From the very base F-150 XL to the F-150 Limited and the all-electric F-150 Lightning, the automaker has something for everyone’s needs. The larger F-Series models are also sold in various configurations and Ford says that if you lined up all of the trucks the automaker sold last year, it would stretch approximately 2,400 miles (3,862 kilometers), or further than the driving distance from Los Angeles to Detroit.

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“The Ford truck team’s ability to anticipate customer needs, continuously innovate, and provide best-in-class levels of capability and performance has helped make F-Series the sales leader time and time again,” Kumar Galhotra, president of Ford Blue, the company’s ICE vehicle division, comments. “We’re honored and humbled that our customers have helped us achieve this milestone for more than four decades.”

While the F-Series retained its crown for the best-selling new vehicle in the United States in 2022 (and America’s best-selling truck for the 46th year in a row), the model saw a decrease in deliveries compared to 2021. The dry numbers show 640,000 sales in 2022 versus 726,000 the prior year and 787,400 in 2020. Still, Ford says it sold an average of at least one F-Series truck every 49 seconds last year.

2023 is shaping up to be quite important for America’s favorite vehicle. The F-Series celebrates its 75th anniversary this year and the automaker already has more than 150,000 orders for the new Super Duty. The first deliveries of that truck are expected to start during the first quarter of 2023 and with the growing demand for the regular F-150 and the F-150 Lightning, we expect the F-Series to continue its unbeaten record as the country’s best-selling vehicle.

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