For CES 2023, Chrysler isn't debuting a full vehicle but we are getting a look inside one. The Synthesis cockpit demonstrator could have the coolest name of anything debuting at this year's show, but it's not just a what-if look at the distant future. It serves as a preview for near-term Chrysler EV interiors, both in design and features.

Specifically, the Chrysler Synthesis uses advanced STLA technology from the automaker's parent company, Stellantis. That includes STLA Smart Cockpit, STLA Brain, and STLA AutoDrive, the latter of which includes Level 3 autonomous capability in areas where it's allowed. All combined, Chrysler brands this cockpit as Advanced Technology for Real Life – catering to personalized driver and passenger needs from the moment they enter the vehicle, to the moment they leave.

Gallery: Chrysler Synthesis Cockpit Demonstrator At CES

What exactly does that mean? Smart Cockpit is essentially the infotainment system stretching across a majority of the dash. Measuring over 37 inches wide, there are screens for the driver and passenger to access. That's where the Brain comes in, utilizing advanced artificial intelligence to handle over-the-air updates in the background. It also learns driver preferences over time, and a virtual personal assistant is ready to suggest everything from driving routes and charging locations, to managing the calendar of your busy schedule. We already touched on AutoDrive, capable of hands-off, eyes-off Level 3 autonomous motoring.

Beyond the tech, Synthesis offers a taste of interior design direction for future Chryslers. There's a distinct lack of chrome amid the 100-percent-sustainable materials, and by that, Chrysler means recycled plastics, "responsibly sourced" wood, and vegetable-tanned seats. The overall design is inspired by the Airflow Concept that arrived at CES last year, and the production version of that vehicle will be the first in North America to feature Stellantis' STLA tech.

"For nearly 100 years, Chrysler has created ingenious products and technologies for mainstream customers, and Chrysler will continue that legacy of innovation as the first to launch the STLA Smart Cockpit in North America," said Chrysler CEO Chris Feuell. "The Chrysler Synthesis shown at CES 2023 represents the future of Chrysler brand design, technology, and customer experience, by introducing customer-centric design and intuitive, seamlessly connected technology for real life."

Chrysler is on track to launch its first BEV in 2025, but you can see the Synthesis cockpit demonstrator January 5-8 at CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

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