Buyers in markets outside the US can walk into a Volkswagen dealership and drive out in any number of electric vehicles ranging from the ID.3 hatchback to the ID.6 three-row SUV. Here in the States, we're not so lucky – our only choice is the compact ID.4, with the ID.Buzz van on its way. But soon a third member of the ID family will be available in America, and it's a sedan!

The Volkswagen ID.7 joins VW's US range and is making its camouflaged debut this week at CES in Las Vegas. This is the first time VW has officially revealed the ID.7 nameplate, and although the final production body is covered up in what they're calling "digital camouflage," the size and scope should help shed some light on exactly what the ID.7 will look like when it arrives.

Volkswagen ID.7 Exterior Prototype
Volkswagen ID.7 Exterior Prototype
Volkswagen ID.7 Exterior Prototype

The ID.7 uses the same modular electric drive matrix platform (MEB) found throughout Volkswagen Group's EV range, but it's no compact like the ID.4. The ID.7 has a wheelbase of 116.9 inches and it stretches out to a total length of 194.5 inches. That makes this EV just over three inches longer than the Arteon, and VW promises a roomy and upscale interior thanks to that extra length.

"With the new ID.7, we are extending our electric model range into the upper segments," said CEO Thomas Schafer. "The sedan will offer top-class technology and quality."

As part of VW’s push to upgrade its interior technology, the ID.7 promises a new 15.0-inch touchscreen, illuminated touch sliders, an augmented reality head-up display, and even digitally controlled air vents that automatically adjust in-car temperatures depending on how hot or cold it is outside. "Hello Volkswagen" voice controls will also be available in the ID.7 to control basic functions.

Gallery: Volkswagen ID.7 EV Prototype

The awesome "digital camouflage" covering the exterior of the ID.7 won't be available to buyers, sadly, but it is interesting. It’s actually paint – at least 40 layers worth. Some 22 areas on the vehicle are electrified below the top layer of paint (using electroluminescence) to create a unique light show.

But that camouflage still covers up most of the ID.7's final design cues. If you want a better idea as to what the final product will look like, check out the ID.Aero concept from 2022. That concept should provide an accurate representation of what the ID.7 will look like when it goes on sale.

For now, things like battery size and power output are still unknown, as well as price, but VW says the ID.7 will get around 435 miles (700 kilometers) of range on the generous WLTP European cycle. That range figure will be lower in the US, of course, using the EPA scale. VW will sell the ID.7 in China and Europe as well as in North America.

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