With more than 1,500 units sold to date, it’s probably safe to say the SR3 is one of Radical Motorsport’s most successful products in history. The prototype-style race car makes up the majority of grids in the 12 different Radical Cup championships across the world and for the 2023 season, the company has a new surprise addition to the lineup. The SR3 XXR is a more refined and hardcore version of the existing car that is now available to order. 

The highlight of this new trim for the race car is the new 1.5-liter engine, which has been developed entirely in-house. With an output of 232 horsepower (171 kilowatts), the mill can run on biofuel, which makes the SR3 XXR the first Radical model that can run on biofuel. The high-output unit gives the lightweight machine an impressive power-to-weight ratio of over 350 hp per tonne. 

Gallery: Radical SR3 XXR

Other new standard features not previously available or optionally available on the SR3 include a new pit limiter that keeps the vehicle’s speed at the pit speed limit in a race environment. Also new is the LMP-inspired center tail shark fin, for which Radical says that it delivers aerodynamic improvements to entry and mid-corner stability. The list of optional extras includes a carbon fiber splitter and a carbon fiber rear diffuser.

Another important upgrade over the standard SR3 comes in the form of a new braking system. It has been developed in cooperation with AP Racing and should deliver improved performance thanks to a reduction in unsprung masses and improved pedal feel.

Complementing the hardware improvements is a series of powertrain tweaks, including a redesigned oiling system, new engine and gearbox calibration, fuel composition sensors allowing for the use of biofuels, and others. The company’s main goal – in addition to improved performance – is better durability at heavy loads.

The new SR3 XXR is now available to order through Radical’s global retail network with dealers in 21 countries around the world. The race car will go into production in February next year with first deliveries expected later the same month.

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