In a significant development that promises to thrill both avid gamers and racing enthusiasts, the Silverstone Museum in the United Kingdom announces a partnership with Radical Motorsport. This collaboration comes as the museum proudly reveals a state-of-the-art simulator suite. The renowned British race car manufacturer assumes the role of lead sponsor for the museum's exclusive domain, dedicated to the newly unveiled, high-performance racing simulators built to professional standards.

Gamers and racing fans are invited to engage in wheel-to-wheel duels on some of the world's most legendary racetracks, all brought to life through the advanced simulation technology developed by Digital Motorsports. Notably, a race car from Radical Motorsport's repertoire will be prominently showcased within the museum's sim space. In addition, visitors are invited to take control of the Radical SR3 XXR vehicle via the racing simulators. The strategic partnership between Radical Motorsport and the Silverstone Museum is cemented through a three-year agreement. 

Gallery: Silverstone Museum racing simulator suite

The simulator suite empowers gaming aficionados to not only select their preferred racing machine but also to establish connections with racing circuits situated across the globe. The experience extends further, allowing participants to create their distinctive identification profiles, and fostering return visits to engage in the pursuit of personal lap time records.

“Our newly inaugurated SIM room is a source of immense delight for us. It serves as the perfect platform to showcase our exceptional, cutting-edge simulators, which have already garnered considerable popularity among our esteemed visitors,” Rachel James, the Head of Marketing at Silverstone Museum, comments.

As for Radical, the SR3 XXR that can be driven on professional-grade racing simulators in the museum debuted in December last year with a new 1.5-liter engine. Designed and developed entirely in-house, the four-cylinder mill has 232 horsepower and can run on biofuel, making the race car the first Radical model that can run on biofuel.

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