If this mangled wreck of a car didn't say Corvette (okay, Cor ette) on the windshield, it might be tough to identify what this thing used to be. We don't know where the V in the name went, but we do know where the engine landed. That would be on the shoulder of the I-10 freeway near San Bernadino, California, some distance away from the car it once powered. Amazingly, the driver walked away from the crash ... right into the back of a police car.

The engine isn't the only thing missing from the absolutely destroyed C7 'Vette. The entire front clip is gone, as is the rear clip, three wheels, and even the passenger side door skin. Yes, just the door skin. Somehow it was stripped clean while leaving the door structure in place.

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OnScene TV brings us video of the aftermath, featured at the top of the article. According to the video description, the crash took place in the early hours of Saturday, December 3. Witnesses say the Corvette's driver may have been engaging in some street racing with another 'Vette, with both cars traveling at a high rate of speed. Judging by the Corvette carnage shown in this video – the debris field covers a quarter mile – it's safe to assume the witness statements are wholly accurate.

At least one other vehicle received damage as a result of the crash. The video shows a Ford Edge with a busted windshield, two flat front tires, and a destroyed fascia. It's unknown if this was caused by a direct collision with the Corvette, or debris scattered on the highway. For that matter, it's unknown exactly how the Corvette driver crashed.

If there's any good news here, it's that the driver escaped with just minor injuries. Furthermore, Road & Track reports that was the only injury in the melee, according to the California Highway Patrol. The driver wasn't identified by name, but authorities did say alcohol was a factor and the person was arrested for DUI.

It's hard to think of a more shocking best-case scenario for advocating against street racing. This driver was exceedingly fortunate to escape with minor injuries and no injuries to others. Stay safe out there everyone.

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