2019 Ford Edge Titanium First Drive: On The Edge Of Glory

Park City, Utah is the sort of place where wealth is concealed rather than flaunted. Vehicularly speaking, that is. Whereas consumers in Miami or Los Angeles seem to seek the apparent prestige of a premium automotive marque, the people of Park City tend to appreciate the modesty of mainstream automotive brands.

Humility, however, is not synonymous with austerity, and the 2019 Ford Edge seeks to entice crossover SUV buyers who are both attracted to the demureness of the Blue Oval badge and the lavishes of luxury. This is particularly true of the near-top-of-the-line Titanium trim.

Like all 2019 Edges, the Titanium benefits from revised styling that trades last year’s cartoon-ish looks for more handsome, if somewhat generic, styling. Trim LED headlights come standard on every 2019 Edge model, and the free-standing bezels work with the revised lower fascia to give the Edge an added dose of sophistication. That said, the Edge could easily pass for a GMC or Hyundai product if not for the prominent, grill-mounted Blue Oval.

The rear end, though, suffers from no such identity crisis, as the revised rear fascia and LED tail lights provide a distinct look that emphasizes the crossover’s prominent width and shapely shoulders.

2019 Ford Edge
2019 Ford Edge

Compared to lower level SE and SEL models, which rest on 18-inch wheels and tires, the Edge Titanium rolls on standard 19s. The Edge Titaniums that Fo...