In the world of aftermarket modifications, there are literally no limits. For some, the project we are going to talk about today may look like blasphemy but we find this build very professional and tasteful. Of course, if the vehicle from the headline sounds familiar to you, that’s because we discussed it in the past.

In March this year, we saw an earlier video featuring the white Ferrari 308 GTBi, which was still in its original yellow color at the time. If you still don’t recall the project, the Ferrari was getting a turbocharged Honda K24 engine and several months ago, we saw the mill’s first startup. The entire build is now fully complete and there’s a new 20-minute video showing everything in detail. We have to admit, this custom Ferrari 308 looks absolutely stunning.

To get a basic idea of how much work this project required, the host of the video starts with some numbers. Everything began some 700 days ago and exactly 115 episodes were filmed in the process of developing and assembling the car. Don’t worry – this is not the end as the Ferrari needs to be taken to the dyno and the track and then further revisions and modifications will be made to make it even more capable. To a certain extent, this is just a new beginning for the project.

The sports car was recently showcased at the SEMA and the tuning show was the team’s ultimate goal. However, some nine days before the event, the list of tasks that still need to be done was insanely long and the owner of the car decided to call three friends for help and get the project done in time. Probably the most impressive part of this final push was the full body wrap, which was done by a professional company in the course of a few days.

There are many, many interesting details surrounding the entire project and you can learn about them in the video at the top of this page. If you are missing the original yellow color – don’t worry, the owner says he will eventually repaint the machine in its factory hue and we are looking forward to that moment.

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