A Nissan 300ZX with a 2JZ engine swap is not something unheard of. We've seen some before, but this one, featured by YouTuber BeDistinct, is certainly among the otherworldly examples you'd catch in the wild.

Built by a guy named Carlos, this is a 1990 Nissan 300ZX but with a PMZ-L V2 wide-body kit. As mentioned, it's got a single-turbo 2JZ engine under its hood. Even its transmission was taken from a 1997 Supra, which practically makes this car a Nissan with a Toyota heart.

Apart from the engine and the body kit, this 300ZX has also been outfitted with a set of SSR SP1 wheels and Air Lift suspensions. Even its color's special, too, with a one-off livery designed by the owner himself.

But that isn't what makes this build unique. Right at the back, it would be hard to miss that massive APR GT1000 swan neck wing that's connected to the chassis. One quick look and we know that there isn't a standing record for the biggest wing installed on a car but looking at the build and in proportion to the car itself, there has to be some kind of a record for this.

Between this and the one that we saw on the new Supra before, this is definitely the winner.

While that can be polarizing, wait until you hear how much was spent on building this car. According to Carlos, the wing itself set him back $4,000, while the installation on the chassis warranted an additional $1,500. The engine alone is said to have costed him $45,000, and that included the drivetrain, drive shaft, and transmission. The wheels, on the other hand, are priced at $6,000 while the Air Lift suspension added another $10,000.

Together with the other costs, including the base 300ZX, Carlos estimated that he spent over $100,000 for this build. Was it all worth it? Well, the guy looks happy and proud of his build, especially with the fact that his build was featured at SEMA last year, so there's that.

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