We can't imagine anyone looking at a dump truck and thinking hmm, that would be a cool place to live. And yet here we are, watching a full-time vanlife couple adventuring across the country in a converted GMC C7500 that used to be a dump truck and snow plow in Maryland. And as the video above from Tiny Home Tours clearly shows, they aren't exactly roughing it.

Rae and Trevor are the duo behind this imposing black overlanding monster. Known as WazimuLife on numerous social platforms, they built this rig over the course of several months with an eye for heading to Alaska. As such, there's a wood-burning stove inside that serves as a backup to a more conventional heating system. Water storage and plumbing are also contained inside to keep things warm, and it's not like there's a lack of space.


In fact, this beefy GMC features a queen-size bed with a small closet, a full bathroom with a compost toilet and shower, and a large kitchen with a three-burner stove. A refrigerator and freezer slide out from beneath the countertop, and there's a posh hanging chair for lounging about. When not in Alaska, this custom camper has air conditioning and with 1,850 watts of solar power on the roof, it can run as often as needed.

The camper can also go pretty much wherever it's needed. According to the video, it was converted to four-wheel drive and while specs aren't available, ground clearance is plentiful to say the least. Lighting is also plentiful with 44,500 lumens mounted above the cab. Two separate propane tanks in outside storage compartments provide fuel for cooking and hot water.

If this rig wasn't big enough, Rae and Trevor also have an overlanding trailer they pull. It serves as a mobile garage, offering storage for motorcycles and a wide range of gear including chainsaws, welding equipment, tools, and more.

We've seen ambulance camper conversions, military truck camper conversions, and we'll never forget the bonkers Sled Zeppelin monster RV that was built from a cabover school bus. But this GMC holds the distinction of being the first dump truck/snow plow conversion in Motor1.com's digital halls. And now, we'll never look at dump trucks the same again.

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