Around 1,500 second-generation Ford GT units will ever be produced, with a production that started in 2016 and is about to end this year. Out of all those produced, it's easy to see on the interwebs one or two with unique livery.

But we're pretty sure this Ford GT from Toronto, Canada is unlike any other. Presented by YouTuber Tim Burton a.k.a. Shmee, this Blue Oval supercar dons a one-of-a-kind paint job made in collaboration with Nike.

Now, we've seen car-inspired shoes before, such as the Mercedes-Benz-inspired Air Jordan 1. Of course, who would forget the Porsche-inspired Puma Riders and the GMC Hummer EV-inspired John Geiger sneakers?

This is something else entirely, though. It's a shoe-inspired supercar, specifically the Chicago Air Jordan 1 from 1985. It dons black and red colors, found on the body, bumpers, and the Nike Swoosh, but with doors and hood painted white to reflect the popular sneaker's colorway. To complete the look, the Jumpman, winged Air Jordan, and Nike logos are all present on this 1-of-1 Ford GT.

While you might think that this is just a custom-wrapped Ford GT, it's actually not. The details here are all painted, including the dots on the hood that represent the ventilation holes on Air Jordan 1 sneakers.

The identity of this one-off Ford GT's owner is a mystery, but we're willing to bet that they are a huge sneaker collector with an affinity for Air Jordans. It's also among the final batch of Ford GTs to be produced this year, completing its production run.

And just as Burton pointed out, the GT's owner surely bought the supercar because he liked the car and not because he wanted to flip it for a profit. You may not like how this Ford GT looks but that last bit deserves some respect.

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