This month is very special for Ford. One of the automaker’s iconic nameplates received a new generation and the new Mustang continues to make headlines with more news coming almost every day. It’s a little quiet this morning and we decided the time is right to share something unofficial with you. But still related to the world’s most popular sports car.

If you are wondering what the car you see depicted above is, don’t rush to make conclusions just yet. It’s an unofficial rendering showing what a shooting brake version of the pony car could look like. And it’s fair to say this is a traditional shooting brake with just two doors and not a station wagon. The drawing comes from X-Tomi Design.

At a glance, the idea of a long-roof Mustang probably doesn’t sound right but we have to admit we like what we see very much. The new Mustang’s muscular rear fenders merge nicely with the sloped roofline into a large C-pillar, which marks the end of the vehicle when looking from the side. There’s no view from the back available, though we suppose the rear fascia remains unchanged but gets a small rear window below the spoiler.

Earlier this month, Ford released several Mustang sketches which depicted alternative designs. Among them, there was a four-door sedan-like virtual drawing suggesting a more practical version of the sports car was under consideration at some point. We don’t know what happened with the project but we can imagine a family of Mustang-branded vehicles, which could include the Mustang pony, the Mustang Mach-E electric crossover, the Mustang sedan, and the Mustang shooting brake.

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Unfortunately, just the first two models exist for the time being. We have doubts Ford will expand the Mustang range soon with more practical derivatives but if it ever decides to do so, there are already some pretty neat ideas already. 

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