One look at the Ram ProMaster, especially in the shorter wheelbase configurations, and we're unsure whether it's fit to be converted into a camper. But as we're proven in the past, nothing's impossible for outfitters out there.

Case in point: this camper conversion of a 2022 Ram ProMaster 2500 cargo van, courtesy of New Jersey Outdoor Adventures on YouTube.

The motorhome conversion that you're seeing above was done by Brooklyn Campervans in New York City. It started as a high-roof cargo van with a 136-inch (3.45-meter) wheelbase – among the short configurations of the ProMaster. The company said that it can work on the longer 159 and 159 extended models, as well as the Mercedes Sprinter.

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Back to the Ram ProMaster 136, it looks unassuming on the outside. Brooklyn Campervans didn't do much to modify the exterior, but that doesn't take away from what this compact motorhome can offer.

Upon sliding the door open, you'll be greeted with a double passenger seat that swivels around like a love seat/couch. The countertop extension folds up and is made out of stained walnut. There's an induction stovetop for cooking purposes; underneath is a small refrigerator. The kitchen/office benefits from a swiveling monitor that doubles as a remote extension.

Brooklyn Campervans touts a smart core flooring – a vinyl wood replica that can come in a variety of styles and finishes. It's said to be durable, with stains easily wiped off.

As for the shower, it comes with real tiles, thanks to the use of flexible grout. There's a Nebia shower as well, along with a portable dry toilet. The shower pan's stainless steel though the teak wood flooring adds style points to the cabin.

The ceiling's stylish, too. It comes with wood slats made from stained mahogany, which complements the wall finishers. There's also a walnut countertop beside the full-size bed with six-inch memory foam. That bedside table converts into a sink. To cap off the look, LED lighting elements and digital controls populate the cabin.

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