For Monterey Car Week 2022, Porsche built the one-off 911 Sally Special and sold it for charity with RM Sotheby's. The hammer fell at $3.6 million, which set the record for a new Porsche, according to the auction house.

The Sally Special came from a collaboration between Porsche and Pixar to bring the character from Cars into real life. In the film, Sally used a 996-generation model 911 for inspiration, but this one applied that appearance to a modern 992-gen car.

Gallery: Porsche 911 Sally Special Charity Auction 2022 RM Sotheby's

For maximum accuracy, the company came up with a unique color called Sally Blue Metallic. The designers even incorporated the character's hidden tattoo underneath the active rear spoiler.

Porsche also took the general design of the Turbo wheels from the 996-gen 911 and adapted them for the current model. In this application, there are 20 inches in front and 21 inches at the back. The tire valve stem caps show the Cars logo.

The cabin has Sally Blue Metallic accents on the dashboard, center console, and door trim. A special plaid fabric incorporates the color, and the material shows up on the seats. Chalk-colored leather provides a contrast with the blue shades inside the car. A small drawing of Sally Carrera is on the passenger side of the dashboard.

Gallery: Porsche 911 Sally Special

Bonnie Hunt, who was the voice actress for Sally Carrera, attended the auction. The film's production designer and creator of the character Bob Pauley was also there. 

"What a night and what a result! It’s fantastic to see a car inspired by my character in Cars do so much good," said Hunt. "I’ve loved playing the role of Sally for the past 16 years, she has a special place in my heart, and it’s wonderful that her personality and values continue to inspire new generations today."

The car's buyer received a custom Porsche Design watch that had Sally Blue Metallic highlights. It came in a presentation box with a swatch of the custom interior fabric. There was also a book showing the vehicle's design process, a special car cover that looked like the character, and a second set of wheels with a bespoke rack for holding them.

Porsche will split the money from the auction between two charities. Girls Inc. has 1,600 sites across the United States and Canada that helps to equip young women with "the knowledge and skills to effect positive changes in their lives and become leaders who will change the world," according to the sale listing. USA for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, aids the "nearly 6.2 million refugees who have been displaced across Europe since the outbreak of war in Ukraine."

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