The Alfa Romeo 158 is a legend in motorsports. It's considered one of the most successful Grand Prix cars ever. It started racing in 1937 and was a success in the voiturette class until World War II. When Formula One began in 1950, a driver in a 158 won every race that year. Finally, Juan Manuel Fangio took the driver's championship in 1951 in an improved version of the 158, the Alfa Romeo 159.

If you're a fan of the 158 and have a need to own one, chances are you'll have to spend a pretty penny to get your hands on an original, classic race car. More importantly, there's a huge chance that you won't be able to drive it on public roads.

Gallery: Tipo 184 Alfa Romeo 158 Tribute Mazda Miata

British company Dowsetts Classic Cars, however, has found a way to make your taste for a pre-war car more affordable and reliable. Called the Tipo 84, it's a kit car tribute to the legendary Alfa race car using the bones and powertrain of a second-generation Mazda MX-5 Miata NB.

There are three ways to start your Tipo 184 build. You can buy a starter kit from the Tipo 184 website and start your build using a donor Mazda MX-5 Miata. That will cost you £12,075 (around $14,500) for the starter kit plus the costs of a donor vehicle and the subsequent parts needed for the build.

Or, you can already purchase the whole Tipo 184 kit in one go, which will set you back £19,995 (around $24,000). If you don't wish to build the car on your own, you can order a turnkey vehicle from Dowsetts for £50,000 (around $60,360).

The Dowsetts Tipo 184 is a brainchild of Wheeler Dealer and TV mechanic Ant Anstead and experienced engineer/car builder Darren Collins. And oh, if you're wondering about the name, the Alfa 158 was named from its 1.5-liter engine and eight cylinders. The Tipo 184 represents the NB Miata's 1.8-liter mill with four cylinders.

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