The outgoing Chevrolet Colorado lives a second life with the U.S. Army as a gnarly Infantry Squad Vehicle. Fusing the bones of the aggressive ZR2 model with off-road upgrades from Multimatic, GM Defense built an all-terrain machine capable of carrying nine soldiers and their gear. Now, there's a new Colorado in the mix but it won't be drafted for military service. Not right away, at least.

That's the word directly from GM Defense. In an email to, a company spokesperson explained that the U.S. Army had enough prior-generation frames to complete its current ISV order. While there aren't immediate plans to create a new Colorado ISV, GM Defense didn't completely shut the door for future projects.

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Here is the GM Defense statement in full:

GM Defense's Infantry Squad Vehicle (ISV) built for the U.S. Army customer uses a prior generation Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 chassis and will not yet be transitioning to the newly announced 2023 model year. While the prior generation Colorado frame will not be continued under Chevrolet, GM Defense has secured frames for the lifecycle of the current Army proposed buy schedule in an effort to meet its commitment for fulfilling the Army’s needs. As the ISV program grows into a franchise family of vehicles, the GM Defense team will determine the best path forward with chassis development.

Compared to the outgoing truck, the 2023 Chevrolet Colorado is larger with a wheelbase that's 3.1 inches longer. It's available in numerous trim levels including the off-road focused ZR2, but regardless of the badge, every new Colorado is a four-door crew cab with a short bed. No other body styles are offered, and it's a similar story under the hood. A turbocharged 2.7-liter four-cylinder is the only engine available, but it's offered in different tunes generating 237 or 310 horsepower.

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The Colorado isn't the only vehicle of interest with GM Defense. A prototype version of the GMC Hummer EV is being developed as a light reconnaissance vehicle, which will be evaluated by the US military for potential use. GM Defense also created aone-off Colorado-based ISV with an electric motor, designed to showcase the functionality of EVs in military applications.

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