The Ford Fiesta has generally performed well in the moose test, especially those performed by However, for the latest version, it seems like the small hatchback doesn't like to turn.

For the uninitiated, the moose test is an evasive maneuver safety test that's made to check whether a car can evade a sudden obstacle on the road, such as a moose crossing the road. The evaluations are done at various speeds to check whether at which speeds the subject vehicle performs the best.

For, the benchmark is 77 kilometers per hour or 48 miles per hour.

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For the restyled Ford Fiesta, its best attempt was at 73 km/h (45.4 mph), which was way down than the previous tests done on the hatchback's predecessors. The fastest speed a Ford Fiesta had done on the's moose test was 81 km/h (50.3 mph).

At the benchmark speed, the current Ford Fiesta – powered by a 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine with a mild-hybrid setup and manual gearbox – refused to turn and ultimately failed the test. The testers cited the car's noticeable understeer as it tried to get back onto its original path.

As to why the Ford Fiesta failed, cited the difference in tires. According to the publication, the current model comes with a set of Continental EcoContact 6 tires, which are made for better fuel efficiency.

In contrast, the previous Fiestas that they tested wore stickier tires from Continental and Michelin, with the best performer wearing Continental ContiSportContact 3.

The slalom test, on the other hand, saw the new Ford Fiesta doing well. With a time of 24.3 seconds, the Blue Oval hatchback places fourth in's tally, sharing the spot with the Kia Sportage MHEV.

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