The Ferrari F8 Tributo is fast in every respect. On paper, it goes from a standstill to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds, provided you can get traction. It reaches 100 mph in 5.8 seconds, trips the quarter-mile in 10.5 seconds at 139 mph, and should you have enough space to run, it will ultimately reach 211 mph.

This new video from AutoTopNL doesn't offer numerical verification of all those benchmarks, but we're treated to a driver's view of the F8 in all those situations. The supercar is thoroughly exercised on an unrestricted section of German autobahn, and actually, we do get one numerical verification from this high-speed journey. In seventh gear, with 7,400 rpm showing on the tachometer, the Ferrari's speed briefly clicks over to 341 km/h. That equals 211 mph – exactly the top speed for which a healthy F8 Tributo should reach.

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And we'd say this car is definitely healthy. The video title mentions Novitec, a tuning company that offers numerous upgrades for the Tributo. Horsepower is still listed as stock, so it's unclear what (if any) modifications might be at play. With 710 hp (529 kilowatts) already burbling from the F8's twin-turbocharged 3.9-liter V8, it's not exactly hurting for motivation. And the car in this video seems capable of a bit more speed. The speed run started with a clear highway, but with traffic quickly appearing on the horizon, the driver lifts after achieving 211 mph.

The max speed pass is one of several runs on the video. Traffic conspired to keep things a bit more sedate on other attempts, though in this case, sedate still means sprints close to 200 mph on multiple occasions. With such acceleration under foot, it doesn't take the F8 long to reach such speeds, be it stock or modified.

A full-on Novitec-trimmed F8 Tributo can deliver over 800 hp (597 kW), dropping 0-60 mph times to 2.6 seconds in the process. Novitec's website lists the top speed as simply "more than 340 km/h" which is already in the F8's wheelhouse. Considering the rate of acceleration we see from the Ferrari in this video, we'd say a few more clicks on the speedo are possible.

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