Ford designed the Bronco with aftermarket upgrades in mind. The Blue Oval launched the off-roader with a plethora of available goodies, but not every budget is eager to spend big bucks accessorizing the SUV. Those looking to modify their Bronco without spending a lot should check out the video above from the Micah Muzio YouTube channel, which highlights six affordable upgrades for the model.

The various upgrades made to the 2021 Ford Bronco Big Bend Sasquatch are modest. They were chosen because they improved the SUV's functionality without hindering it, like the $99 IAG EZ-Lift Soft Top Assist System. IAG's system makes lifting the Bronco's soft top easier to access the cargo area.

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At the front, new Rough Country tow hooks and white D-rings improve the SUV's off-road functionality, and they match the contrasting white theme used on the rim rings, which were another upgrade. The hooks and ring were a $150 upgrade. The family got the ring rims powder coated, including the spare, for $125.

The most expensive upgrade made to the Bronco is the RokBlokz mud flaps, which cost a whopping $419.99 for a set for the front and rear fenders. The flaps keep the sides of the Bronco clean of dirt and grime, and they're easily removable when encountering more treacherous terrain.

One upgrade not on the Bronco, but will be soon, is some pinch weld covers, which cover the exposed welds visible underneath the doors. The strips cost $119 and help clean up the SUV's appearance. One free upgrade the family made was removing the side fender stickers that proudly displayed the Big Bend name.

There are countless other upgrades available that can truly transform the Ford SUV, and there's a wide range of accessories that allow for a variety of combinations and creations. Not every upgrade needs to change a car to impact its performance or looks drastically, and some goodies are even quite affordable, making it easier than ever to personalize your Bronco ride.

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