This week, Ferrari announced that it would launch a new V12 engine for a “game-changing” model. It didn’t explicitly say that the model would be the Purosangue, but the company wasn’t exactly vague about it, either. Aiding in dispelling the mystery was Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna, who revealed that the new Purosangue would get the mighty V12 engine.

According to Vigna, the company tested several powertrain options but settled on the V12 for the crossover. He told Reuters that “it was clear” that the Purosangue needed a V12, calling it “the right option for the market.” While the Purosangue has been everything but a well-kept secret at Maranello, Ferrari did keep its powertrain information under tight wraps.

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Previous rumors have pointed to a plug-in hybrid V6 or even a V8 possibly powering the model, but that’s looking less likely. The car could offer a range of engines, but Vigna did not speculate about any additional powertrains that the Purosangue might offer.

The CEO also wouldn’t disclose the model’s output or its price point, but he did say that the company is keeping in mind its “need to preserve exclusivity,” which leaves little room to doubt that Ferrari will produce a small quantity of Purosangue SUVs. The V12 should offer plenty of power, too. Offering a range of powertrains could diminish the model’s exclusivity.

The Purosangue is a departure for the company, but it falls in succession behind cars like the FF and GTC4Lusso. The new SUV will compete against other high-end, high-powered SUVs that other high-end automakers have launched over the last few years, such as the Lamborghini Urus and the Bentley Bentayga. Both have become sales successes, with consumers preferring crossovers to cars.

Ferrari hasn’t announced a specific debut date for the model, but we’ll see the “game-changing” engine debut sometime this summer, and that’s likely when we’ll see the Purosangue. The new Ferrari will debut this year and begin production before its end. Deliveries start in 2023, and there’s a good chance it could become the brand’s best-selling model if it makes enough of them.

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