Earlier this year, Lamborghini promised it will launch two new versions of the Huracan this year. The Italian company has been actively working on both cars (see the related links below) and we’ve seen them testing on a number of occasions. Now, the folks from Sant'Agata Bolognese are kicking off the teaser campaign for a new Huracan version it plans to unveil in full next week. A single teaser image provides an early glimpse, though it doesn’t reveal much.

The Italian automaker posted on Facebook announcing the debut of the “newest Lamborghini” scheduled for April 12. The image shows only what appears to be a carbon-fiber engine cover with a V10 badge on it. This doesn’t tell us a lot, though there are rumors indicating Lambo is going to unveil the so-called Huracan JV Stradale.

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Even though this name hasn’t been confirmed yet, we know the automaker is working on a supercar that is a more subtle and softer take on the Huracan STO. As a refresher, the Huracan Super Trofeo Omologato is a track-focused variant of the V10 supercar with a body made of 75 percent carbon fiber and featuring a more powerful engine. This new model is expected to be more user-friendly and potentially suitable for everyday use.


If all our assumptions are correct, we expect to see a car that looks a lot like the Huracan STO but with less aggressive aerodynamics. The front will most likely be tweaked, judging by spy photos from a few months ago, but the rear fascia will likely retain its massive diffuser. The big wing at the back could be a little smaller than on the STO, but it will be there to make a statement. A similar rough exhaust soundtrack is expected.

Another new Huracan version Lamborghini is currently working on is the production version of the Sterrato concept. This is a high-riding machine based on the Huracan, which CEO Stephan Winkelmann described as “something special in the super-sports car business.”

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