The RV sector is booming almost everywhere around the world and even more so in the United States. You can tell the demand is up just by looking at the vast number of new products in the segment, varying from budget two-person campers to ultra-luxurious and expensive motorhomes. One of the largest RV companies, Winnebago, recently celebrated its 500,000th recreational vehicle and it seems the 600,000th will come sooner than expected.

The Minnesota-based company published its second fiscal quarter 2022 earnings reports earlier this week and noted its revenue grew by $1.2 billion or 29 percent during that period. If that number isn’t impressive enough, the RV manufacturer said it has a $4.37 billion backlog. This backlog includes all accepted orders from dealers which generally have been requested to be shipped within the next six months. However, orders in the backlog generally can be canceled or postponed.

The motorhome family of models is the largest contributor to this number with $2.21 billion worth of motorhomes waiting to be delivered. The company’s towable models account for another $1.87 billion, while its marine products make for $278,000. Winnebago expects the towable RV backlog to recover relatively fast, but the same can’t be said for the more specific motorized RVs and boats, where supply chain disruptions are still having a great negative effect.

The good news for the firm is that revenues were up across the board for the second fiscal quarter compared to the same period last year. Deliveries were also way up with virtually every segment in which Winnebago operates registering a positive change compared to the same period last year. For example, 1,786 more towable RVs were delivered to customers and 54 more motorhomes from all classes combined with Class B motorhomes seeing a growth of 15.6 percent. 

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