While we often see ultra-luxury travel trailers from companies like Airstream and Bowlus, there are plenty of people who don't want or need such a massive and expansive rig to tow. Winnebago goes after the lower end of the trailer market with its new Hike 100. While small, this thing is still highly capable.

The Hike 100 has a dry weight of 2,700 pounds (1,225 kilograms), meaning even a midsized crossover like a Ford Explorer would be able to tow this trailer. It measures 7 feet (2.134 meters wide) and measures 189 inches (4.801 meters) long. There are 77 inches (1.956 meters) of standing room inside the trailer.

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Winnebago is offering the Hike 100 in four floorplans. All of them have a sleeping space, a kitchenette, and a bathroom. Customers can choose between stacked bunk beds, separate beds on each side of the cabin, a murphy bed, or the combo of a queen-sized mattress and loft bed. There are also versions with a flip-down door at the back with extra storage or barn doors for more airflow.

The Trail 100 is ready to carry your outdoor stuff. The rig has an exterior that comes ready to accept Thule accessories in case owners want to haul gear like kayaks or canoes. A 2-inch receiver on the back is able to hold a bike rack.

When it's time to relax, there are three extendable awnings that provide up to 200 square feet (18.58 square meters) of outdoor shaded space. Drop-down panels create privacy for changing clothes or taking an outdoor shower.

Inside, the trailer has radiant-foil insulation in the roof for keeping occupants comfortable. There are 31 gallons (117.3 liters) of fresh water capacity, in addition to a capacity of 4.75 gallons (17.98 liters) for black water and 25 gallons (94.64 liters) for gray water. The 12-volt pad heaters help the tanks from freezing.

For power, a 190-watt solar panel is standard, and there's preparation for plugging in a portable panel for extra juice.

Winnebago shows the Hike 100 as part of its 2022 model year product lineup. The company isn't yet releasing pricing for it.

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