Are you tired of shoveling snow? Well then, maybe this tiny RC Jeep Gladiator with a snowplow can help. In a recent YouTube video by ViralHog, we see an RC Jeep Gladiator taking on snow shoveling duty with its fully functional snow plow attachment. This light dusting of snow in North Carolina was no match for the remote-controlled Jeep Gladiator.

Snow removal doesn’t have to be back-breaking work. Instead of grabbing your shovel, maybe it’s time to invest in an RC Jeep with a snowplow attachment. The Jeep Gladiator in this video can raise and lower its plow quickly allowing it to efficiently move snow. Thanks to its superb traction, this tiny Jeep Gladiator makes quick work on the snow on this small walkway without any tire spinning or loss of traction.

The continuous advancement of electronics means that we’ve seen some seriously impressive remote-control cars. Take for example the tank-like Xtreme RC Brawler V2 that boasts a 35mph top speed and the ability to handle extreme terrain with ease. There's even a 1:10 scale model RC car of the hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai that is powered by hydrogen making it a very green RC car.

The RC Jeep Gladiator featured in this video is just one example of the current product offering of different RC cars with snowplows. In fact, you can even purchase a scale model remote control snowcat that can offer even more capability to your new remote control snowplow fleet.

RC cars are a great way to express love for cars in a smaller more affordable format. Even experienced race car drivers like Ken Block have a soft spot for RC cars. Ken has scaled down versions of his real rally cars that he can drive around just like in his legendary Gymkhana videos.

If you’re looking for a new way to take on your snow removal, a remote-controlled car with a snowplow could be the perfect tool to add to your arsenal.

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