Sometimes, automakers hide new stuff in plain sight. That's exactly what's happening right now with Jeep, specifically in the online configurator for the Grand Wagoneer. Load up any trim level and you'll now see a new "engine upgrade" option that costs $2,000. Curiously, no information is offered on this engine, but there's a photo in plain sight (albeit low resolution) that confirms long-standing rumors about a boosted inline-six engine.

While there's no description for this engine, the photo clearly shows a DOHC inline design. We can also see small turbochargers on the sides, but that doesn't really matter because the words twin turbo are clearly visible on the engine cover. Technically speaking, we can't confirm there are six cylinders from this photo. But three banks of six ribs on the engine cover are almost certainly an homage to six pots at work. It definitely doesn't refer to 12 or 18 cylinders.

Jeep I6 Engine Leak

We contacted Jeep to see if there's any official information to go with this configurator reveal, but we didn't receive a response prior to publication. We don't think this is an accidental leak, considering the engine's conveniently anonymous listing. As such, consider this a teaser but the story doesn't end there.

At the end of 2021, we did catch a leak from Stellantis about this engine. For a brief time, a section of Stellantis' website devoted to the Saltillo Engine Plant in Mexico listed a 3.0-liter GMET6 HO engine in its portfolio. A horsepower rating wasn't part of that leak, but production was listed as starting in November 2021. The mention was eventually removed from the website.

FCA inline-six engine patent drawing

Stepping back in time a few more years, we reported on a patent from FCA in late 2019 that outlined a new inline-six engine. It was rumored to offer a range of power options, stretching all the way to 500 hp (373 kilowatts) in its highest form. It's believed this engine will replace the Hemi V8 in numerous applications, including the performance-oriented Dodge Charger and Challenger.

We searched through other Jeep model configurators as well as those with Dodge and Ram, but didn't see any mention of an anonymous $2,000 engine upgrade. It seems the new twin-turbocharged I6 will be exclusive to the Grand Wagoneer, for now anyway. As for an official announcement on the engine, this configurator discovery suggests it's just weeks or even days away.

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