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There's something fascinating about seeing how vehicles differ in various markets around the world. While we usually see motorhomes from the United States, Europe, and even Japan, here's a chance to check out a Kia-based RV from South Korea.

The platform for this motorhome is a Kia Bongo 3. The engine is a 2.5-liter diesel making 133 horsepower (99 kilowatts) and 216 pound-feet (293 Newton-meters) of torque. The vehicle measures about 256 inches (6.5 meters) long. Inside, there's sleeping space for five people.

The neat features start as soon as you open the door. There's a concealed spot to store your shoes, and it's heated to keep them warm and dry. The rest of the wood-paneled floor is also heated.

After walking in the door, there's a U-shaped sitting area to the left. The table in the middle lowers to make this spot into a bed. Above the cab, there's another resting spot, and this one has a mesh net to prevent the folks up there from rolling out while they're sleeping.

The right side of the interior holds the kitchenette and bathroom. The amenities include a 5.297-cubic-foot (150-liter) refrigerator, a stainless steel sink, a single-burner induction cooktop, and a microwave. An interesting touch is that one of the cupboards opens into the large storage area that's also accessible from the outside of the RV. 

The bathroom has a toilet that swivels to provide more legroom. The entire space functions as the shower, and there are drains in the floor.

At the very back, there's another bed. This space has windows on three sides, so sleepers get lots of natural light.

Features accessible on the outside include a deployable awning and an outdoor shower. One of the panels along the side opens to reveal a TV. There's also a large storage area that spans the vehicle's whole width and is accessible from both sides.

This Kia camper isn't available in the US. The host says that at a direct price conversion it would be around $78,000.

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