Landjet is the codename for the flagship electric vehicle that Volkswagen Group is developing for its Audi, Bentley, and Porsche brands. This rendering from takes the little bit we know about the model and shows what the Porsche version might look like.

This rendering depicts the Landjet as an ultra-sleek, low-slung sedan with a pointy nose. A spoiler incorporates into the roof where it hangs over the rear glass. There's an active wing on the tail.

Audi is allegedly the company spearheading Landjet development. The plan is for the vehicles to have a high-capacity battery and advanced autonomous driving tech. This would let the products cover long distances without any direct driver input. The range is allegedly around 404-mile (650-kilometer). Marc Lichte, Audi's head of design, previously described his design for the vehicle as "completely different" and said that it "will be a revolution."

The weird thing about the Landjet is that it's allegedly a sedan but has three rows of seating to fit seven people. The Audi variant allegedly arrives first in 2024, and the Bentley would come in 2025 or 2026. The timing for the Porsche isn't clear.

The initial plan was for the Landjet's production to take place at Volkswagen Group's plant in Hannover, Germany. The site currently builds the Amarok pickup and Transporter van. However, Porsche is allegedly paying €100 million to Volkswagen Commerical Vehicles so that the sports-car maker can build its variant of the Landjet in-house rather than with the other versions. The Porsche variant reportedly doesn't have the advanced autonomous driving ability that the Audi and Bentley have.

Some reports suggest that the Landjet is somehow related to the Project Artemis that Audi is also working on. The goal for this undertaking is to develop a highly automated vehicle by taking advantage of resources from Volkswagen Group's whole stable of brands. Part of the strategy is to find new ways to sell this product beyond the traditional purchase or lease options.

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